*Working* Yify Proxy List 2018 – Yify Unblocked and Mirror Site List

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Here in this article, we gonna list Yify Proxy and Yify Unblocked Mirror Site lists. As we know that Yify or YTS is the well known reputed site as they provide quality movies to download online for free. Yify allows us to download any movies for free no matter if it is latest or old it has the wide collection of numbers of movies and the best part of this site is that it provide the HD content. But the original Yify or YTS site is now no more, Government or ISP blocked this site for piracy issue in many countries and you can not open them directly.

So, if you want to open these sites you have two methods the first method is to use YTS Proxy or YTS Unblock Mirror site list and also you can use VPN extension to open the broken link of Yify. Here we have listed those detailed methods which will help you to easily Yify Unblock. Yify is an amazing torrent site to download unlimited free ultra HD movies.

This site gain its popularity when most of the torrent sites like 1337x, Extratorrents, Yify, Kickass, etc got banned. People loved this site because this site was the only site which has very few ads and was very simple to navigate there were no any confusing thing in this site, just type in their search box whatever you want to download and just simply download it with the help of any torrent client. You can also check


History of Yify Torrent

If I talk about the earlier times, Yify was movie streaming site which allows the users to watch their favorite new or old movies, Hollywood or Bollywood for free in very good HD quality. At that time there were many few working movies streaming sites and Yify was one of them. At that time Yify gained the trust of a lot of users.

After that Yify started offering the downloading facilities to their user and their web address was Yify.arg this was their first website where they actually offering download facilities, at that time we can easily download any movies in 720P or 1080P without any issue all we need to have is working internet connection and one torrent client.

Sadly, after sometime Yify came in the eyes of ISP and they banned it because of violating the Copyright policies. Like other torrent sites, Yify also got banned or blocked in many countries including India. Then People start trying several ways to access Yify torrent, they start finding the working Yify Proxy List.

After some time of the banning of the original Yify site, they released their new Yify site with the domain name and this site is still working in many countries but for some countries, it is still banned. So, you need to have either working VPN or list of YTS Proxy. So, here we have provided the same two methods which will help you to access Yify. If you don’t know how to download movies from Yify then you can watch the below video.

What is Proxy Server?

Proxy is nothing but a dedicated server or a computer code running on a pc that acts as AN go-between between AN endpoint device, similar to a pc, and another server from that a user or shopper is requesting a service. The proxy server might exist within the same machine as a firewall server or it’s going to get on a separate server, that forwards requests through the firewall. Torrent sites use the proxy to keep the identity safe so that government doesn’t recognize them.

Yify Proxy and Mirror Site List

In this article we gonna share the two methods by which you can easily unlock Yify site, my favorite personal method is using VPN to unlock the Yify, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network so what basically happens when you explore site using VPN your personal identity will be anonymous which means your identification like IP Address, Country, etc will not be shown to them, so VPN allows you to explore from any country like USA, Egypt, Germany, etc and your original location will be not be shown. I would recommend you to do little research and browse from that country only where Yify site is unblocked.

Another method which we have shared below is using Proxies, There are so many proxies available you can choose any of them to safely use Yify torrents. While using Proxy you can easily open Yify torrent site but your location and IP address will be tracked but it is not that unsafe but using VPN is the nice option.

Google Translate Proxy Online Online Online Online Online Online Online Online Online
Appspot Proxy Online Online Online Online Online Online
Appspot Proxy Online Online Online Online

All these proxies are working very fine as these proxies are personally tested by us in case any of them are not working then you can drop us a comment and we will update the new Proxy by replacing that one.

Method 2)

Using VPN Extension

You may already know about VPN, VPN is also a great way to unlock any site which is blocked in your country VPN works very great. If you are living in India and here Extratorrentis blocked then you can easily download any VPN extension my personal recommendation is use to HOLA VPN. It works every time. If you don’t know how to use VPN then follow these steps.

  • First of all open any browser. (I would recommend you to use Google Chrome)
  • Now on the top right corner, you will see three vertical dots, just simply click on it.
  • Once you click on it you will see the option of More tools, just put click on it then click on Extensions.
  • Now once you are in extension tab, navigate to search option and type there HOLA or another VPN you like.
  • Now, download the VPN and do the installation part.
  • You’ll see the extension logo in the top right corner.
  • Open Extratorrentsite and tap on that extension and choose any country you like.
  • It will open the Extratorrent site without any issue.
  • Now you can search and download anything for free.

If are looking for sites similar to Yify then check this out.


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