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 Top 5 Best Rooting Application to Root your device in One Click.

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Do you want to root your mobile? If yes, then today you landed on the right page. Today we are going tell you about top 5 best rooting applications. Rooting your device is an easy way to unlock all the locked features of your mobile & getting full control of it

There are so many applications for rooting your device so we created a guide to help you with finding the best applications for rooting your device but rooting has some disadvantages too and you should be aware of them before rooting your device. So, Check below what are those advantages & disadvantages.

What are the advantages of rooting

There are many advantages of rooting your device so some of them are as follows:-

  • By rooting your device you can install flashable zip files & custom ROMs
  • By rooting your device you can install paid apps with the help of some apps which only works with rooted device.
  • You can have full control of your device in your hands.

What are the disadvantages of rooting

  • After rooting your device, warranty will be void.
  • Rooted device is an easy target for malwares.

Top 5 rooting applications are :-

  • Kingroot
  • SuperSu
  • KingoRoot
  • iRoot
  • Framaroot
  1. King root :-

KingoRoot is one of the best applications for rooting your device.

It is one of the fatest app for rooting the device and it has the highest success rate of rooting with 96.67% which is a very good rate. It may not work on devices with locked bootloader, so in that case, bootloader needs to be unlocked first.

Devices like Samsung , LG, lenovo and some other devices have high security builds so kingroot does not work on those devices. Although, it is a very effective rooting application for other Android devices.

2.    SuperSu root :-

SuperSu is also a very good way to root your device.

it is compatible with most of the device as we told you kingroot isn’t  compatible with Samsung,LG, Lenovo as theg have high security but with superSu we can root most of the devices. There are some

Important instructions for superSu :-

  • Your bootloader must be unlocked.
  • Custom recovery like TWRP or CWM must be installed.

SuperSu is highly recommended because of its easy & fast method of rooting if you want some extra features you  can buy  & install superSuPRO with play store overall it is a worthy and great application

3.   KingoRoot:-

KingoRoot is an app that lets you root your device with a tap in just matter of seconds & you can root your device with this app without any tough & dangerous procedures

This app works on so many devices and models that use any version of Android between 1.5 to 5.0 and all of these versions use same type of process for rooting the devices. You can easily download Kingoroot APK.

It’s a worth downloading app & also highly recommended overall one of the best applications for rooting your phone safely & fast.

  1. iRoot :-

Iroot is also a very amazing applications for rooting your device you if you are looking for a app to root your device this is a very nice app iRoot.apk is developed by the same team who developed the pc version of iRoot which was used by so many people to root their device by pc.

This applications is a simple way to root your device with just a one tap. The best part of iRoot is you don’t have to worry about data loss but like every other rooting apps iRoot too void the warranty of the phone.

5.  Framaroot :-

Framaroot is also one of the best applications for rooting your device in one click. Its best features are it can root almost any device without any need of pc just by your Android device. With its new features you can also unroot your device with one click. It root the device that operates on android 2.3 + it comes in just a size of 1.3mb, its latest version is v1.9.3. With its one click root it gives you a smooth rooting experience. Many people who used it give a positive rating & experience so this application is also highly recommended.


So, this was our guide on Top 5 Best Rooting applications available online. You can try any of the above application to root your device.


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