MIUI based on Android 10 rolling out for XIAOMI Mi 9 SE in China [Download Now]

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From the last few months of 2019, the Android 10 updates were the most headlines news in the world of smartphones. From October 2019 we have seen several devices from various OEMs getting a beta update of the latest Android operating system. Xiaomi was never far behind in giving the updates although they have a big lineup of devices. Most of the devices from Xiaomi in their top and latest range already got the beta Android 10. As we enter the new year we are seeing the beta test wrapping up and a stable built of Android 10 being pushed to most of the eligible devices.

The Chinese giant Xiaomi has grown as an important part of the global smartphone market over the years. The wide range of options they gave to the users was the main reason behind their success. But as the expectations change the users want more support and updates for their devices like never before. Xiaomi knows this expectation and is giving many updates for their devices around the globe. However, the Chinese models are always given the first chance when it comes to new updates. And the latest news from Xiaomi confirms a stable Android 10 update for the Chinese variant of Xiaomi Mi 9 SE.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 SE was one of the first devices to get a hands-on Android 10 experience. The beta update of the latest operating system was rolled out for the device in October 2019 itself. And now a fully stable version is starting to reach devices with version V11.0.1.0.QFBCNXM. The update that weighs a total of 2.46 GB is currently available for users in China only. However, a global release of the same update can be seen soon.

Download OTA

The update is pushed as an OTA similar to other updates from Xiaomi. This also means that it will take time for the update to hit all smartphones. However, it is always possible to download the update manually and install it. The link to download the OTA for Xiaomi Mi 9 SE Chinese variant is provided below:

  • Device: Mi 9 SE
  • Codename: grus
  • Channel: China Stable
  • Version: V11.0.1.0.QFBCNXM
  • Android: 10
  • Type: Recovery
  • Download: Link
  • MD5: c79c87d07d3887b7db8246d70e24bc50

December 2019 Security Patch Update

While the Chinese variant of the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE is getting an Android 10 update, the global, Russian and European variants of the same model is also getting a different update. This update is still based on Android 9 and is included with the December 2019 security patch from Android. Certain other changes are coming with this update too. Interestingly the security patch and other changes added with this update are similar to the Android 10 update the Chinese variant is getting. The changelog for this update is given below :

– Updated Android Security Patch to December 2019. Increased system security.

[Lockscreen, status bar, Notification shade]
– Fix: Couldn’t open notification settings in the Notification shade in Second space
– Fix: Couldn’t open the Notification shade in some cases

– Optimization: More obvious naming for local time

– Optimization: Localized payment security icon for India

– Fix: Images overlapped in scrolling screenshots

If you can’t wait until the update reaches your device, you can download it manually from below

  • Device: Mi 9 SE
  • Codename: grus
  • Version: V11.0.6.0.PFBMIXM
  • Android: 9
  • Type: Recovery
    Global variant Russian variant European variant
    Download: Link



    Download: Link



    Download: Link




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