*Working* Extratorrents Unblock 2018 – Extratorrent Proxy and Mirror Sites

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If I talk about previous 2-3 years things were so easy in terms of downloading the latest movies, games, etc with the help of torrent sites. Earlier there were many torrent sites and each of them worked very fine But now with the passage of time, everything has been changed. There are hardly any torrent sites which is now running, as most of the torrent sites are now banned or blocked. But there is still a way to access torrent sites earlier we talked about 1337x Proxy sites and now we are going to discuss Extratorrents Unblock and Extratorrent Proxy.

Today in this article, I’ll be sharing the two methods by which you can easily unblock extratorrent and I’ll also share some extratorrent proxy server which can be used to unlock extratorrent site. Before jumping to the method we are going to clear some terms in front of you.

What is Proxy Server?

Proxy is nothing but a dedicated server or a computer code running on a pc that acts as AN go-between between AN endpoint device, similar to a pc, and another server from that a user or shopper is requesting a service. The proxy server might exist within the same machine as a firewall server or it’s going to get on a separate server, that forwards requests through the firewall. Torrent sites use the proxy to keep the identity safe so that government doesn’t recognize them.

What is Extratorrent Proxy?

Extratorrent Proxy is the mirror site which is created by the same torrent and these sites can be used to unblock extratorrent. Extratorrent proxies are in large quantities as most of them get banned or blocked so, extratorrent keep on creating the extratorrent proxy, but we have to figure out the working Extratorrent proxies in order to use them. The main motive of creating Extratorrent Proxy server is to keep their identity safe.

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Difference between Extratorrent Proxy and Extratorrent


Extratorrent Proxy

It is the original site created by extratorrent. This site is used for downloading movies, games, softwares, etc. This is the copied version of Extratorrent, it is opened because someetime original extratorrent site gets blocked and in order to unlock those site so that users can use it. Proxies and mirror sites are generated.
Extratorrent is banned in many countries including India. Extratorrent proxy are in very large number so that even if any of the Extratorrent sites get blocked. They can create a new one.

List of Extatorrent proxy sites and Extratorrents Unblock

Extratorrent Proxy

Extratorrent Proxy List Status Speed Online Fast Online Very Fast Online Very Fast Online Slow Online Medium Online Slow Online Very Fast Online Very Slow Online Faster than Flash


Method 2)

Using VPN Extension

You may already know about VPN, VPN is also a great way to unlock any site which is blocked in your country vpn works very great. If you are living in India and here Extratorrentis blocked then you can easily download any VPN extension my personal recommendation is use to HOLA vpn. It works everytime. If you don’t know how to use VPN then follow these steps.

  • First of all open any browser. (I would recommend you to use Google Chrome)
  • Now on the top right corner, you will see three vertical dots, just simply click on it.
  • Once you click on it you will see the option of More tools, just put click on it then click on Extensions.
  • Now once you are in extension tab, navigate to search option and type there HOLA or another VPN you like.
  • Now, download the VPN and do the installation part.
  • You’ll see the extension logo in the top right corner.
  • Open Extratorrentsite and tap on that extension and choose any country you like.
  • It will open the Extratorrent site without any issue.
  • Now you can search and download anything for free.

If are looking for sites similar to Extratorrent then check this out.

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Some Alternatives of Extratorrent

1) 1337x

It is the most popular torrent site right now, this site is famous for its simple design which makes it easier for the user to download the movies, games, etc. This site has the minimum number of irritative ads and also this site is popular for the large collection of latest movies, games, software, etc.

2) SumoTorrent

When it involves quality, not the amount then SumoTorrent are perpetually there attributable to providing the valid torrent files. it’s the recognized torrent supplier by the BitTorrent for providing the highest rated and best seeds and leeches torrent files to its guests. the simplest concerning SumoTorrent is that it additionally work as a transfer also and build the users able to transfer all quite their torrent based mostly knowledge although the torrent file is crashed because the automatic repair system of SumoTorrent can repair that torrent file initial so can build the users able to transfer their torrent files with none additional

3) Rarbg

Rarbg could be a torrent search and index service web site, it had been launched in 2008, Rarbg provides torrent files and magnet links to peer-to-peer users for file sharing and knowledge transfer exploitation the favored BitTorrent protocol. This service is widespread among its users for trustworthy torrents however service have too several advertisements.

4) Torrentz

Torrentz service is no more working in majorities of countries. Torrentz is employed to be the leading torrent programme within the world that’s aforesaid to be the powerful and dependent programme of torrent files. it’s the one in every of the large platforms of billions of torrent files that it’s been unceasingly assembling from the just about 3 dozen torrent suppliers.

5) Isohunt

IsoHunt is an internet torrent supplier that’s listed among the approved peer to see torrent system of the BitTorrent. it’s the net index of the a whole lot and thousands of torrent files that ar out there within the class of music, videos, movies, books, software, programs, apps and far a lot of.

6) TorrentHounds

TorrentHounds may be a means for sniffing the simplest torrent offered across the globe of net. there’s no dearth of the torrent supplier however obtaining the proper one and also the original one may be a issue that matters most. supported identical principle, TorrentHounds is that the supplier to thousands of torrent files. additionally to providing the torrent of the recent movies and music, TorrentHounds get itself update frequently so you can even download the movies or games which are released recently.

7) Nyaa service is discontinued . it absolutely was a Japanese BitTorrent recognized torrent supplier of the anime movies. Nyaa was the most effective torrent obtaining a selection for those users WHO loves the animated movies all told classes. At the Nyaa they’ll notice the anime movies of all sort. Here they’ll get even the adult based mostly anime movies moreover. Nyaa was aforesaid to be the one among the biggest data base as it has large collection of movies, games, videos, softwares, etc.

8) Torrentz2

Torrentz2 could be a quick, straightforward and powerful metasearch engine that mixes result from dozens of the program. it’s utterly unengaged to use on-line portal that has innumerable users round the world, and you’ll be able to access it anytime anyplace round the world. The user-interface of the platform is easy and token that consists of 2 completely different blocks like user menu and search panel

9) Kickass Torrent

Kickas could be a large torrent transfering and uploading supplier that deals in each torrents transfering and downloading of Meta link moreover that users will download at their own method either by method of a torrent shopper or any quite download manager. kickass is associate degree freelance torrent programme that delivers the torrent files of all sort. It gains it’s popularity when one of the most famous and used torrent site pirate bay got banned in majority of the country.

10) Torrent Reactor

With the variant valid torrents, Torrent Reactor is alleged to be the one in every of the foremost active torrent suppliers within the world of web that bring the most recent torrents for its users on usual. The classes of torrent files offered here ar within the form of adult, anime, music, movies, series and television shows, seasons, episodes and far a lot of.

10) Miniova

Mininova is that the torrent engine and directory on the net market. It aims at job an easy-to-use directory and computer program for every kind of torrent files. guests at Mininova will anonymously transfer torrents to the current web site, half-tracked by any BitTorrent. Mininova offers torrent files within the class of anime, books, games, movies, music, books, pictures, software, TV programs, TV shows, and far a lot of.


So, this was our article on the Extratorrent proxy list. Here we have shared the information like What is Proxy, What is Extratorrent Proxy, Why torrent sites get banned, etc.  We have explained everything in detail. I want to tell you that using torrent sites are illegal and one should use the original movies, games, software and support the developer.

Torrent sites are smart as they don’t let their services permanently down, even if any of their proxies get down they release the new one very quickly but rules are also getting smarter for their closure. But there are different ways by which you can fool government either by using VPN to mask your information or use any mirror sites. We have also discussed the VPN which we use personally. But you can use any of them as there are wide varieties of VPN available.

We also shared the alternatives of Extratorrent for the users who want to use the sites other than Extratorrent. We have shared the top 10 alternatives of Extratorrent. If you loved this article then you can share it with your friends and family members too. You can check us all post too.

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