List of Best MIUI 10/MIUI 9 Themes for any Xiaomi Device 2018

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Here in this article, we have listed some of the Best MIUI 10 Themes 2018 for all the Xiaomi device which are running on the latest Xiaomi’s MIUI 10 firmware.

Xiaomi 2 months back released the most awaited MIUI 10. Every Xiaomi users were waiting for MIUI 10 update for a very long time and now most of the users got the MIUI 10 update in their device. MIUI 10 is an amazing update which comes with the great collection of inbuilt themes. Also, Xiaomi provides the Theme store from where the Xiaomi users can download and install any theme.

Themes are used to make the device more attractive and improve the overall experience while using the mobile. With the help of you can easily be customized your device according to your needs. Thanks to the theme store provided by Xiaomi. Tons of theme are available in theme store but if you still haven’t found the best theme then have a look at our list which we have created of Best MIUI 10 themes.

Most of the user find difficulty while searching the themes, so for those users, we have created this article, here we listed the best Xiaomi themes. All the themes which I have listed below are personally tested by me, I have tested more than 100 of themes and then I picked the best among all of them and I hope you will like it.

I have two Xiaomi’s mobile one is Redmi Note 5 Pro and another one is Redmi Y2 and I have tested these MIUI 10 themes on both of the device and these themes are perfectly working on it. I have listed the best latest themes for MIUI 10 as well as MIUI 9. So even if your device is still running on MIUI 9 then you can also apply the below themes.

List of Best Best MIUI 10/MIUI 9 Themes 2018

Best MIUI 10 Themes 2018

Megawa TT

Megawa TT has recently released a new theme for MIUI 10. This theme is one of the best themes I have ever applied to my Xiaomi device. This theme will look quite similar to the stock firmware of Vivo V9. This theme has very crispy icons which look very good.

This theme also provides you with good command over customization. You will get a lot of different features with this theme. If you are looking for a theme similar to the iPhone or Vivo V9 then this theme is made for you. You can see the below screenshot also.

Android Oreo Stock ROM

We all know that most of the Xiaomi devices are still running on Android Nougat. So for those users, this theme is very helpful as this theme will let you experience the stock android oreo on your device. This theme have all the features which any device running on Android Oreo have. You can download this from below link and also you can look at the below screenshot.

Download Android Oreo Theme for MIUI

iOS 11 Theme

If you want to experience iOS on your Xiaomi device then this theme is made for you. This theme has all the features which any iPhone running on iOS 11 have. You will the icon pack + UI of iOS 11. This theme has a new setting’s theme, iMessage like message logo, dialer logo, etc. You can download this theme by clicking on the below link and you can also look at some samples.

Download iOS 11 Theme for MIUI

Xperia Theme

If you ever used any Sony device then you will understand that the stock firmware which Sony provides on their device is very attractive and looks very good. Here comes the Xperia theme for MIUI 9 and 10. This theme provides the high rate of customization, you can customize this theme according to your need. You can download this Xperia them from below and before downloading take a look at the screenshot of this Xperia Theme.

Download Xperia Theme for MIUI

Android Pineapple

Okay, so currently the upcoming Android is Android Pie most people among us guessing the name to be Pineapple or Pancake but recently Google claimed that Android 9 will be “Pie”. So back to the point, when there waere no any updates regarding the name of the upcoming Android 9, the developer created Android Pineapple theme for MIUI users which is based on Android 9.

So, as you know that Android 9 developer preview is out now for some devices and this theme is basically made by taking the hints from Android 9. You can download this theme from the below download section and also you can take a look at the screenshots.

Download Android Pineapple For MIUI

Android One Theme

We all know that MIUI comes with MIUI firmware which is quite different from the stock android. So, if you want to experience the stock android on your Xiaomi device then I would suggest you to go with this theme. This is based on Stock android which you gets with every Android One device.

This theme has stock android icons packs, notification slider, etc. You can download this Android One them from below link and you can also look at the screenshots of this theme before downloading.

Download Android One Theme for MIUI

Pixel Experience Theme

This theme is one of the most popular themes among MIUI users and being very popular it is very simple which comes with a high rate of customization. This theme is basically based on Google Pixel’s stock firmware. So, if you want to experience Google Pixel like UI on your device then I would recommend you to go with this theme.

Though this theme is based on Android Nougat which is little outdated, this theme will not disappoint you will get the high rate of customization along with full stock android nougat firmware. You can download this theme from the below link and before downloading have a look at the screenshots of this theme.

Download Google Pixel Experience for MIUI

Oxygen 999

No doubt OnePlus is one of the best Android smartphones right now it is even better than high-end Samsung handset, the thing which makes OnePlus an ideal smartphone is that OxygenOS stock firmware which OnePlus provides. OxygenOS is very fast, and simple stock firmware and it allows the users to customize it according to their needs.

If you want to OxygenOS on your Xiaomi device then I would highly recommend you to got with Oxygen 999 theme for MIUI. This theme is purely based on OxygenOS. You can download this theme from the below link but before downloading take one look at the screenshot of this theme.

Download Oxygen 999 Theme for MIUI


So, this was our article on the best MIUI 10 and MIUI 9 theme for Xiaomi device. We have created this list by checking thousand of themes personally and then chose the best among all of them.

If you loved this list of best MIUI themes then you can tell us below in the comment section or if you have any issue regarding theme or downloading then you can also comment below.



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