5 New Gadgets for a Travelling Couple


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Talking pillow from England

Pillow Talk is not really talking, but knocking – it allows you to hear the knock of your beloved heart. A thing for those who are far apart. Initially, the device consisted of a special cushion and a belt strap. One of you goes to bed and puts on a strap. The gadget reports this to the second pillow in the kit that is on the other side of the world with your loved one. The pillow begins to gently flicker and becomes warm. This gadget let’s you feel the warmth of your loved one.

Now the gadget has been slightly upgraded. Pillow Talk now consists of a mobile application, a bracelet and a speaker, which is placed under the pillow. The light of your life, which may be at least in another city, let alone in another country, hints at you that it’s time to sleep. You lie down on your pillows, turn on the speakers and … hear the heartbeat of each other – as if you are very close. The main thing is that the time zones should not be very different.


Of course, in 2018, when everything is in the phone, it’s a bit strange to carry a digital photo album with you. But it still keeps the memory of your best moments or traveling together, it is always with you.

Such pocket album-trinket accommodates up to a hundred images, it has a calendar and a clock for those who do not observe them and may be late.

Rings of fidelity for the fans of tv shows

The slogan under which the novelty was created is “Let your relationship to have more than one season.” We join the wishes of the inventors of the romantic electronic device and offer those, who love to travel, to get two of these.

For a long time, rings that track the heartbeat and feelings of your lover have been on the market. But the brand Cornetto, which actually specializes in ice cream, recently released a gadget for couples who watch the tv-shows together. If you are serious – both with each other, and with your love for tv shows – the partner may well be offended if you watch the new series without him/her. Even if you are temporarily in different cities.

To prevent this, special rings are put on, which are synchronized with popular streaming services. None of you can secretly watch the new episode of your favorite show, and then imitate the interest in the joint viewing. Because an incorruptible special application simply blocks the video resource.

Kissenger – Mobile Kisses

This is a pair of wireless gadgets that transmits kisses even at great distances. There is a variety of options, but the most convenient one was invented by London engineers. You kiss a special silicone “lip”, under which the sensors are hidden. They recognize the movements of your lips, and the mobile application sends information about them to the smartphone of your remote loved one. The recipient of the kiss feels your touch, wherever he is. They say it’s very realistic.

Kissinger is able to learn as well – it remembers how people like to kiss, which in the future will help improve the product. Order it now:


With the help of this gadget, a loving couple can shake hands at a distance. Through Bluetooth devices connect to phones, install the needed applications, and when one person touches the bracelet, it immediately notifies the other partner. Simple, nice, and sometimes necessary.

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